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Update on Hurricane Irene
Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Friend,  

Hurricane Irene is making its way up the eastern coast of the United States and is expected to impact Northern Virginia from late Saturday night into Sunday morning.  In Northern Virginia, we could experience tropical storm winds at speeds above 39 miles per hour.  
Yesterday, Governor McDonnell declared a State of Emergency in preparation for the hurricane.

Given the timing of the storm, it could touch down during high tide causing additional storm surge.  Because it is a slow-moving cell, 15 mph, expect rainfall amounts in excess of 6 inches for a majority of the eastern counties.  Along the coast up to 12 inches of rain are expected.

Please take this storm seriously.  Virginia officials are saying it could be as significant a storm as was Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  Citizens may experience power outages that could last for days.

Begin preparing for the storm today, DO NOT WAIT!

Please take the time to review the 2011 Virginia Hurricane Guide. This Guide answers many questions about preparing for an emergency, how an evacuation would work, and assisting special needs citizens.  
Emergency contact information for reporting utility outages is as follows:
Dominion Virginia Power
Washington Gas
You can also monitor current hurricane projections at:
I will continue to update you with information on the storm as I receive it this weekend.
If you have any questions, please call me at (703) 772-7168 or email me at:[email protected]

Remember to check in with your neighbors, especially those who are house-bound.  Don't forget about your pets either.



Barbara Comstock

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