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Governor McDonnell Proclaims November "Job Creator Appreciation Month"
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Governor McDonnell Proclaims November "Job Creator Appreciation Month"
– Will Partner with NFIB to Highlight Businesses Creating Additional Jobs in the Commonwealth –

Governor Asks Small Businesses to Send in their Ideas on How to Improve Jobs Climate in State

First Featured Virginia Job Creator: C3RS of Louisa

RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell today proclaimed November "Job Creator Appreciation Month" in the Commonwealth. In partnership with the National Federation of Independent Business, Governor McDonnell's office will be calling attention to small businesses in the Commonwealth who have hired additional employees in recent months, despite the tough economy and continued economic uncertainty. All month long, profiles and pictures of Virginia small businesses that are adding employees will be posted on the governor's web site. To be selected, businesses are encouraged to submit photos, along with information about their firms and their recent job additions, by emailing [email protected].

Speaking about Job Creator Appreciation Month, Governor McDonnell remarked, "There is no substitute for a good job. All businesses must deal with a bottom line and make tough decisions. In a tough economy it gets all that much harder. That is why we want to celebrate and recognize Virginia businesses that have been able to create additional jobs in the Commonwealth in recent months. We know it hasn't been easy, but every time a business owner takes the risk and adds a new position, a Virginian gains a new opportunity. November is a month to thank and celebrate these entrepreneurs for connecting the best work force in the country with the jobs they need and deserve. I want to express my personal gratitude and admiration for the innovation, sweat, sleepless nights, time away from family and personal sacrifice that have gone into creating so many success stories for our Virginia businesses, and jobs for our Virginia residents."

The governor added, "While we recognize those who have managed to find a way to add jobs in these tough times, we also continue to note that far too many Virginians remain out of work. It is a tragedy. During the month of November, I want to hear from business owners large and small about how we can better support their job-creating activities at a state level. We want to know what policies help, what policies hinder, and what Richmond can do to assist them in their effort create more new private sector jobs. The success of private sector businesses has a positive ripple effect on the rest of the Virginia economy. Only through private sector business expansion will every Virginian be able to find the job they need and deserve. I hope our Virginia businesses will send us their stories about how they have added positions in a down economy, and their best ideas for how we can help them add more jobs in the years ahead."

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, who serves as Virginia's Chief Jobs Creation Officer, noted, "It is appropriate that we recognize those who create jobs in our society. Businesses large and small are the job creators, and that's why we are working so hard in Virginia to create an environment in which the private sector can create jobs. We do this by having favorable tax and regulatory policies, protecting our right to work law, investing in proven economic development and job creation programs, and generally creating a pro-business environment in our state. As a result of our efforts, Virginia has consistently been recognized as the most pro-business state in America, and this gives businesses the confidence they need to invest and create jobs. We appreciate their investments in Virginia and our citizens."

"As a small-business owner, I'm glad the governor is recognizing Virginia's job creators," said Chad Koslow, Chief Executive Officer of C3RS, Inc., a tire recycling company in Louisa that is the first small business featured on the Governor's website as part of "Job Creator Appreciation Month." "When it comes to job creation, there's always a lot of focus on big companies and their hiring, and that's certainly important, but Governor Bob McDonnell understands the critical role that Main Street small businesses play in creating jobs as well. Ninety-five percent of businesses in Virginia are small, and when you have thousands of us (small businesses) creating a few jobs at a time, it adds up fast."

C3RS has hired four additional people this year and is in the process of hiring 10 more by the end of 2011 for expanded operations in January 2012. Through its recycling efforts, C3RS enables manufacturers to eliminate thousands of tons of carbon emissions by utilizing recycled rubber crumb material in products, which in turn prevents tons of tire scrap from filling up Virginia's landfills each year.

"Small business is the engine that powers Virginia's economy," said Nicole Riley, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, the commonwealth's largest small-business association. "If we're going to lead America's economic recovery, we have to remember that small business, not big government, creates jobs. It's critical that we support our small, family businesses."

Virginia businesses can submit their stories and photos to [email protected] or send them as a message on Twitter to @GovernorVA. Profiles of Virginia job creators and their employees will be featured on the homepage of the Office of the Governor at www.governor.virginia.gov throughout the month of November.

Governor McDonnell's proclamation can be viewed here:http://governor.virginia.gov/OurCommonwealth/Proclamations/2011/JobCreator.cfm

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