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Delegate Comstock Announces Funding Secured For A New Sound Wall On Beltway To Protect Scotts Run Community
Monday, April 8, 2013

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Monday, April 8, 2013


Jessica Goodman

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Delegate Comstock Announces Funding Secured For A New Sound Wall On Beltway To Protect Scotts Run Community

McLean, VA - Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-34) today announced that funding has been approved for construction of a sound wall at the Scotts Run community in McLean. Located between Lewinsville Road and Georgetown Pike, Section 13-A has been a long-time gap in sound wall which has left homeowners living on Scotts Run, Helga Place and Saigon Road with a considerable amount of traffic noise from the Capital Beltway.

The Virginia Department of Transportation announced that the bidding closed on Wednesday, March 27, with an estimated construction cost of $3 million. The contract will now be sent to the Commonwealth Transportation Board for approval before construction can begin on Section 13-A. When completed, the sound wall will be one contiguous 3,000-foot wall of between 18' to 19' in height.

"I am pleased we have resolved this longstanding problem and that construction of a sound wall at Section 13-A on the Capital Beltway will now move forward," Delegate Comstock said. "I am pleased that VDOT has worked with us in the community and recognized that this solution best serves our neighborhoods and quality of life for homeowners in Scotts Run, Helga Place and on Saigon Road. I understand that the noise from the Capital Beltway greatly impacts everything from home values to the quality of life in these neighborhoods.

"This is a significant step in what was a long, ongoing process for my neighbors in the Scotts Run Community. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank members of the Scotts Run community, the Virginia Department of Transportation, VDOT Chief Engineer Garrett Moore,and Congressman Frank Wolf who have worked with us to make this positive and much needed solution a reality."


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