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Colvin Run Mill Needs Community Support
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Paid for and authorized by Friends of Barbara Comstock

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share with you some information about an opportunity whereby you can help to restore the historic Colvin Run Mill that we are privileged to have in Great Falls. There is no cost involved - just vote for Colvin Run Mill as described below.



Barbara Comstock

Help Fully Restore Colvin Run Mill

The Park Authority site is a finalist in a web-based contest sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express.

How to Help

Go to: www.PartnersinPreservation.com.

Register with your e-mail address or your social media login information and vote daily.

Use your social media connections at home or via smart phone to share the information with your friends, relatives, friends of friends, anyone you know anywhere, and encourage them to vote daily. (Bonus points are awarded for sharing everything from contest information to photos and videos).

That's it. Vote daily and share often now through May 10.

Vote Daily

The site with the greatest number of votes will receive $100,000 in preservation prize money.

Share Often

Sharing photos, video and the link via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and FourSquare adds more votes for the Colvin Run Mill.

*Polls are open through May 10*

For the past four decades, only the basement and first floor of the mill have been open to the public. Colvin Run Mill would use the prize money to fully restore the second and third levels, complete with functioning equipment to dry and sift flour and meal the old-fashioned way. Then visitors will be able to see how the mill works from top to bottom.

Colvin Run Mill needs the community's support! Let's all work together to secure funding to fully restore the mill.

Paid for by Friends of Barbara Comstock.