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Humane Dominion Endorses Delegate Barbara Comstock
Wednesday, September 18, 2013


September 18, 2013



Susan Falconer

Campaign Manager

(703) 868-2429


Delegate Barbara Comstock Endorsed by  
Humane Dominion

McLean, VA - This week, Delegate Barbara Comstock received the endorsement of Humane Dominion for her re-election campaign for Virginia's 34th House of Delegates seat.  Humane Dominion's mission is to educate our fellow citizens and their elected representatives on how the choices we make through our government impact the humane treatment of Virginia's animals and to advocate for protection and humane treatment of Virginia's animals, guided by mercy, compassion and our common humanity.


In response to their endorsement of her campaign, Delegate Comstock said,
"I'm honored to receive Humane Dominion's endorsement. I look to Humane Dominion for their leadership and guidance on how to prevent animal cruelty and appreciate the passion their supporters bring to this cause.  Those who engage in cruelty towards animals are often abusive to family or others. Stopping their abusive behavior on any and all fronts improves our quality of life.  I look forward to continuing our work with Humane Dominion."
Humane Dominion is a bi-partisan Political Action Committee that seeks to educate the public and legislators on issues affecting the humane treatment of animals. Receipt of their respective endorsement indicates that a candidate understands how legislation affects the treatment of animals and that they support legislation that ensures the humane treatment of animals. 
Along with their endorsement, Reasa Currier, President of Humane Dominion's Board of Directors, said, "We have chosen to support these candidates, from both political parties, because they best represent the values of our members: ending egregious animal cruelty in the Dominion State."
You can visit the Humane Dominion website by clicking here. Also, please visit their Facebook page!
Humane Dominion Endorsement

Campaign Office:
PO Box 6171
McLean, VA 22106
(703) 868-2429
Paid for and authorized by Friends of Barbara Comstock

Paid for by Friends of Barbara Comstock.