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Delegate Comstock Wins Loudoun Debate
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

For Immediate Release:

October 15, 2013



Susan Falconer

Campaign Manager

(703) 868-2429

Delegate Comstock Wins Loudoun Debate
Murphy Demonstrates She Has Nothing to Say About the Economy



McLean, VA - Susan Falconer, Campaign Manager for Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-34) released the following statement about this morning's Loudoun Chamber of Commerce Debate Forum:


"At this morning's Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Debate, Delegate Comstock demonstrated why she has been called a 'go to' person for Loudoun's business and tech community.  She introduced important legislation such as her Data Center bill that kept this thriving industry growing in Loudoun; her Telework legislation; Research and Development tax credits; Capital Gains job incentives; and other pro-jobs incentives.  The Loudoun Chamber and all of the local Chambers have worked with Delegate Comstock on this legislation as well as her Competitive Bidding legislation which has already saved up to $400 million on Phase 2 of Dulles Rail.  


"Delegate Comstock has made jobs, a healthy economy, and keeping Virginia the top place for business her #1 priority.  As a result, Delegate Comstock has earned the endorsement of every major job creating and entrepreneurial group in the Commonwealth including The Northern Virginia Technology Council (TECHPAC); the Fairfax Chamber's NOVA BizPAC; the National Federation of Independent Businesses; the Virginia Realtors; the Associated Builders and Contractors; the Farm Bureau; and the Virginia Credit Union League.  Delegate Comstock was awarded the Virginia Chamber's "Free Enterprise Award" for her "A" rating on job creation and her Competitive Bidding legislation which will save the Commonwealth millions more on transportation and infrastructure projects and provide more jobs for Virginia workers. Additionally, Delegate Comstock has also earned the endorsements of the Virginia Police Benevolent Association and the Humane Dominion.


"In contrast, Delegate Comstock's opponent, Kathleen Murphy, made clear this morning that she has nothing to say about jobs and the economy:

·        First, Murphy has no knowledge of nor focus on business issues important to Loudoun County or Virginia.  Ten months into this campaign Murphy not only doesn't have jobs and the economy as a top issue, it is totally absent from her Issues page on her website - zip, zero, nada, click here for the time stamped .pdf version.  Murphy could not even fill 90 seconds of responses on key business issues discussed this morning. 


·        Second, Murphy has no understanding of the Virginia budget and the galloping costs of Medicaid, which is 22% of the budget right now.  Our current Medicaid system is broken and expansion without reform threatens to crowd out our K-12 budgets; higher education and transportation needs.  Murphy, in one of the most fiscally irresponsible and uninformed statements from any campaign, said she supports massive Medicaid expansion "regardless of reform."   Even The Washington Post has said that the federal money for Medicaid expansion "is unlikely to be sustainable." 


·        Third, Murphy continues to have no response to her own tax delinquencies on at least seven occasions in three different states in recent years.  She advocated all kinds of new tax increases on Virginia citizens in her survey responses to the Loudoun Chamber yet has no explanation about being habitually delinquent on her own taxes.  Further, Murphy even polled herself on her own tax delinquencies see story here:  The Washington Free Beacon and see website:  www.taxesfortheebutnotforme.com 


"Kathleen Murphy is the Leona Helmsley of Northern Virginia: she thinks taxes are for the little people and small businesses, while she is above the law.  Murphy would be a disaster for the Virginia business community given her total lack of interest or knowledge of basic economic issues in our communities.  Given her lack of knowledge of the key issues for our District, it also should come as no surprise that public records indicate that Murphy did not vote in 2009 or 2011 elections," said Susan Falconer.  


Delegate Joe May, a technology leader in Loudoun who attended the debate today added, "Delegate Comstock is a leader on technology issues and her Data Center legislation was critical to keeping this growing industry in Virginia and Loudoun.  This will provide Loudoun County with a great and thriving industry for years to come.""


Campaign Office:
PO Box 6171
McLean, VA 22106
(703) 868-2429
Paid for and authorized by Friends of Barbara Comstock

Paid for by Friends of Barbara Comstock.